Episode 143 – Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving listener! IT Babble is back and better than ever. This week Tony and Patrick talk about a whole bunch of good ed tech topics. Check out the talking points below. As always be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes.

  1. The Push for Education Programs that Pay People as They Learn by Lolade Fadulu
    1. Apprenticeships sound like a good idea
    2. Down sides?
    3. Does it take away a person’s choice?
  2. Does Educational Technology need to be its own discipline in universities?
    1. Contours of a New Discipline by Carl Straumsheim
    2. Disciplining Education Technology by Audrey Watters of Hackeducation
  3. Apple’s ‘Everyone Can Code’ initiative expands to colleges and universities outside the US by Jon Russell at Techcrunch
    1. Should high school be doing this?
    2. Problems with Apple’s Swift Coding
    3. https://www.apple.com/everyone-can-code/
    4. https://swift.sandbox.bluemix.net/#/repl
    5. https://developer.apple.com/swift/

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Episode 134 – Omar with open arms


Omar is back in the latest episode of the IT Babble podcast. He and Patrick talk about what Omar has been up to with his beginning programming class, wrapping IT curriculum around big budget hardware and Patrick talks about his latest computer purchase.

1) Welcome back Omar!

2) What has Omar been up to

3) Wrapping IT curriculum around big budget hardware

  • Not the most creative way to go
  • Good experience for kids

4) Patrick’s new computer

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