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Tony and Patrick talk more ChatGPT and answer some questions we’ve been seeing such as Is it really plagarism? and If a teacher can use sites to find lessons, how is that any different for a student using ChatGPT?

We also take a look at what to do when your lights are on . . . all the time. Check out the talking points below and be sure to subscribe to us on your favorite podcasting app.

  1. Teachers Pay Teachers vs. students paying for their work
    1. Questions and questions
  2. ChatGPT isn’t plagiarism (who cares it still sucks)
    1. Automate processes
    2. Add it as an interview
    3. Think through the arguments
  3. Can’t turn off the lights

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Podcast episode 42 – Get on with it! – October 4, 2012

Another awesome episode with Cara, Omar, Tony and myself. Preston won’t be joining us as he is our schools living mascot, but that won’t stop us from breaking down some of the more interesting topics that are happening in ed tech. Check out the agenda below.

  1. Going 1:1 – Get on with it!
    1. What will happen when we take their Windows machines? Predictions
  2. Teachers pay Teachers – What are your thoughts on this? Business Weekly
  3. What Right Do Schools Have to Discipline Students for What They Say Off Campus? by Wendy Kaminer of the Atlantic the link is here.
    1. Should schools get involved at all?
    2. What power should they have if involved?
    3. What actions can they take?
  4. Learning and Leading Creating Documentary Reflectionsby Dr. David Denton
    1. Is this overkill?
    2. Does this really help reflection?
    3. How can it be improved?
    4. When do you use video in your class?
  5. iPhone app of the week – 3D Brain

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