Episode 135 – Schools without work


Patrick and Tony are back in another great episode (truly-this one is pretty darn good). We talk about a world without work and what that does to education and integration specialists and Tony’s take on how to make them more accountable and therefore more effective. OK, check out the talking points below.

1) A World Without Work – by Derek Thompson at the Atlantic

  • Is this possible?
  • Is technology to blame?
  • What would this do to education if there is no work?
  • Is this a good/bad thing?

2) Tony’s article Tech Integration: Are you mapping it? On TIE Online

  • Is it disastrous if a school doesn’t map?
  • What do you say to schools where the tech integrationist also teaches classes?
  • Should there be more documentation (student artifacts, reflections of teachers, etc.)

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Special Podcast – Talking Technology with the English Department

podcast special

I’ve been planning this for a while and it has finally happened. I got to sit down with the English department at my middle school to talk about technology and how it is impacting their English classes. It was a really good chat and definitely worth the listen. Check out the agenda below.

1) Dealing with the new Bring your Own Device program (BYOD) and Macs

2) Some projects with technology integration and their results

3) Some challenges of integrating technology into the classroom

4) Handwritten vs typed assignments

5) Plus for the future Lots of humor!

Here is that 60 second book review website: http://www.60secondrecap.com/

Thanks Jeff, Lisa and Martha for their time and insights!

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