Podcast Episode 40 – Sixty percent of the time it works all the time – September 20, 2012


Another great epsiode. This is our special sex panther episode (see the movie Anchorman). At any rate we talk about some of the trending educational news and topics. This week we are joined by Cara, Tony, Omar and myself. So get in there, enjoy and leave a comment. We love those things!

  1. 1:1 connecting students
  2. OU Learn – on YouTube
  3. Inspiration and the curse of YouTube CC Omar Ghosn
  4. DIY.org (quickly)
  5. Ontario School for Art and Design – Art textbook?
  6. iPhone apps – Google Drive & Class Dojo
  7. Evolution and technology

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Textbooks of Tomorrow – Infograph

My wife is a librarian and consumes all things published. She reads books and her Kindle library is nothing short of impressive. She reviews books on her very popular blog (anabundanceofbooks.blogspot.com) and came across this infograph about where textbooks are heading. Whether you agree or disagree this infograph will definitely give you some food for thought. For the record I agree this is where they’re going, but when and with what device is another story. So check out this very well made infograph from the people at www.onlineeducation.net.

Via: OnlineEducation.net