TimeRime – Final timeline generator review

Sorry for the delay. My wife and I had guests all week long and our 3 year old has been wired as a result and I needed the weekend to recover 🙂

We end our timeline creator review series with TimeRime. Find out what we give TimeRime and get a glimpse into this tool’s features as well as their pros and cons. Continue reading “TimeRime – Final timeline generator review”

TimeGlider – Review of Timeline Tool

I haven’t had the need to use a timeline tool in my class, but after reviewing TimeGlider, I want to use it, if not for a class, as a planner for my larger projects. This thing, for lack of a better word, glides. It is silky smooth 🙂

Read beyond the break for a detailed review (tutorial of sorts), a link to a completed timeline and why it gets 3 DTs and a mouse from me

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