When in Time – Timeline review

You thought we were done 🙂


So our Timeline reviews have been a bit of a hit. Omar’s cool looking infograph made its rounds on the old blogosphere when it was published and Omar and myself felt pretty good that we had a nice collection of some good reviews that teacher’s could sink their teeth into. To our surprise we missed one. A big thank you goes out to Nisha who left a one line comment that says “What are your thoughts on http://whenintime.com?” which has led us to this very point. So this post goes out to all those unintentionally timeline creators that we missed. To find out what we think of whenintime click past the break.

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Timeline Creator Summary

The spreadsheet

Finally the timeline reviews can put to rest . . . for now. Dipity was the winner this year but Timeglider and Tiki Toki were both great in their own right. To get a quick breakdown (in spreadsheet form no less) click on the picture of the Excel spreadsheet below. Feel free to use the infograph and the Excel spreadsheet however you see fit.


TimeRime – Final timeline generator review

Sorry for the delay. My wife and I had guests all week long and our 3 year old has been wired as a result and I needed the weekend to recover 🙂

We end our timeline creator review series with TimeRime. Find out what we give TimeRime and get a glimpse into this tool’s features as well as their pros and cons. Continue reading “TimeRime – Final timeline generator review”

Tiki-Toki – The review

For all of our devoted readers out there, you may notice that Tiki-Toki was not originally part of our timeline review extravaganza, but they reached out to us through Twitter and asked if we could review them. I am glad that we did. Tiki-Toki is a new service that makes beautiful timelines. By far their timelines set a new standard of what a timeline can and should look like. Go ahead and check out the video of mine here:

Tiki-Toki also works a bit differently than its competition, and while not everything is silky smooth like Dipity, I still think it is worth your time. So read on past the break to see all Tiki-Toki details.

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Dipity – The review

In the words of Gru “Now that’s what I’m talkin a-bout.” This is easily one of the best timeline creators out there. While there are a few areas I’m iffy on, I can fully recommend this website to create timelines for your class. It is well thought out, very easy to use and gives you options on top of options that most others do not, or if they do, it is not done as well. I implore you to eagerly read on past the break to get all the Dipity goodness.

timetoast – The review!

Our reviews of timelines continue with timetoast! timetoast.com is nice. Not great, but nice. After working with xTimeline.com timetoast was a nice change of pace to see a timeline that actually looks like a timeline. It’s easy to use, like xTimeline, and the final product looks pretty good. There were things I liked and things I did not like (how about that for being vague). Read on past the break to see why timetoast earns a solid 2 DTs. There is also a quick video to see it in action and a link to my timetoast timeline

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TimeGlider – Review of Timeline Tool

I haven’t had the need to use a timeline tool in my class, but after reviewing TimeGlider, I want to use it, if not for a class, as a planner for my larger projects. This thing, for lack of a better word, glides. It is silky smooth 🙂

Read beyond the break for a detailed review (tutorial of sorts), a link to a completed timeline and why it gets 3 DTs and a mouse from me

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