– A review – UPDATED!


A while ago I received an email from Misha Leybovich asking me to try our Meograph “Four-dimensional storytelling.” I took a look at it but was a but busy with other things so I put it on hold. Many may describe Meograph as another timeline generator but I say NO! Timelines give you a brief overview of a series of events. The story is there but it’s not up front. Meograph focuses on the story of those events. As my high school history teacher said, “There is no history without a story.” Cheesy, but oh so true.

Like I mentioned I got the email a while back but have been just a little too busy to really give it a test run. Now, the test run is over and I’m hear to report back to all the millions of IT Babble readers out there. As always, if you agree, disagree or have a general comment please leave it below. To get all the meaty details on Meograph click on past the break.

UPDATE: Misha Leboyvich was kind enough to send an email to me after reading the review. He noted that the odd electronic voice that Meograph recorded was actually due to Adobe Flash. I suspected it may be that and tried it out with and got the same result. Basically this is not Meographs fault. There are a few more updates, click past the break to see them all!

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TimeRime – Final timeline generator review

Sorry for the delay. My wife and I had guests all week long and our 3 year old has been wired as a result and I needed the weekend to recover 🙂

We end our timeline creator review series with TimeRime. Find out what we give TimeRime and get a glimpse into this tool’s features as well as their pros and cons. Continue reading “TimeRime – Final timeline generator review”

xTimeline – The review

My first review will be xTimeline. It didn’t get a great rating from us at IT Babble, but hey not everyone can be a rockstar. It’s not a terrible program by any means, but to get all the details you are going to have to read on past the break to find out why we at IT Babble gave it a one out of four DTs.

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So you’ve seen our new rating system that Omar and I created. If not click here. Pretty straight forward really. We are so eager to try it out that we decided to review five popular timeline creators. We know there maybe more, but these seem to be the most popular and if you think we’re missing one, leave us a comment saying which one we should add and Omar and myself will make it so. Here are the five with respective links.

Here are some things that Omar and I are looking for. Does it create an effective, easy to view timeline? Is it easy to do this? What kind of options does it offer, and just overall performance. There maybe some other items that grab our attention, but for the most part that’s what we’re looking for.

We hope our reviews will help steer teachers to the program that best helps them with their class(es) and to avoid programs that don’t work for them. Happy reading and as always, comments of all sorts are welcome.