Podcast episode 30 – April 19, 2012

This is our longest episode yet but man it is probably our best. We do have a little technical difficulties with our mics (odd as we’re IT people) but stick with it as we talk about a lot of very relevant topics. Including Chemas big night out. Be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes here.

1) Tony’s 2 posts “It’s 2012 Stop Using Attachments” & “Operation Overlord

2) Omar’s post “Symbaloo missed the mark with my students

3) iPhone app of the week “Sketch Nation Studio

4) Patrick’s post “Cyber Awareness

5) Acceptable use policies for a 1:1 environment

6) Omar’s post “Virgina wants kids to learn online

Download it HERE!

Podcast Episode 18 – January 25, 2012

Episode 18 is in the can! Omar and I crank out another high quality podcast. Next week we hope to have Tony join us for his first ever IT Babble appearance, but in the meantime you will have to deal with Omar and I. Here is what we talk about and of course subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.

SOPA & PIPA are dead – Hooray 🙂

1) iBooks is not the eTextbook of my dreams

2) iBooks Author

3) The Kurio tablet (Aakash)

4) Mobile Phone app of the week A+FlashCards Pro

5) Game Salad & Construct 2

6) Tony’s post “Don’t be Pwned! Own Your Data

6)  End of semester 1 – reflection

7) Megaupload

8) Is my encrypted data is safe?