iPhone apps of the week – It’s election time!

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The Presidential of Election for the good ol USA is this week and what better way to find out what the issues are and what Romney and Obama have to say about them is to download their respective apps. While they are anything but impartial the apps are pretty similar and do give each candidate’s stances on the issues that are very relevant to the race. As always we are eager to see who wins. In the meantime check out the images below and you can find Obama’s app here and Romney’s app here.

*Note – While IT Babble is neutral in the political race, Omar is voting for Rosanne Barr*

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wpid-img_1877-2012-11-4-20-34.png wpid-img_1881-2012-11-4-20-34.png wpid-img_1882-2012-11-4-20-34.png