Huggy Wuggy – come on man!

I’ve seen this news story a few times this week and thought I’d weigh in. These are articles and videos about a video horror game known as Poppy Playtime. It is developed by MOB games, you can get it on Steam and it’s pretty popular right now. The gist of the game is that you are trapped in a toy factory and the toy Poppy is hunting you. You need to solve puzzles to escape. There is tension, poorly lit rooms, eerie music and noises and, of course, jump scares. Check out the trailer below.

There’s not a lot of blood or gore and I don’t think there is any real language either, but is sounding an alarm. They are saying that it . . . is . . . scary for children.

A horror game, designed to scare the player, may be scary for children. Hmmm.

Why do I care?

I think parents should know what games their kids are playing and decide if it is appropriate for them or not, but articles like this is plain old fear mongering. We’ve seen this before with Slenderman, Five Nights at Freddy’s and many, many more.

With a little bit of research (watching some YouTubers play the game) parents will know if it is appropriate for their kids or not.

The bottom line is do your own research and sit down and talk with your children or students about this game and see what they say. One thing I can be sure of, is that this game will not be the downfall of humanity or even the education system.

Episode 206 – Dog days

Tony and Patrick are back again! Here we talk video games, new dogs, passwords and how not to get your school smacked down by copyright claims. Check out the show notes below and as always please subscribe to us with your favorite podcasting app.

  1. What am I drinking?
    1. Bell’s Bright White – 
    2. Liquid Death – Water. Just water.
  2. Oregon Trail game on
  3. Huggy Wuggy? This is stupid
    2. (But it looks like the Shining)
  4. Slenderman hysteria in 2014 – 
  5. Weekly CISSP- Passwords, fun facts
    1. No need to change every year or every three months
    2. Password length – 8-10 characters, capital, special character and a number
    3. Multi Factor authentication for people who need it
  6. The Streaming party is over (Fake ID story) 

Episode 101 – 3 Out of Toaster

episode 101This episode Tim, Tony and Patrick talk about what we expect from 2016, and if video games should be taught. Check out the talking points below. As always please subscribe to us on iTunes, follow us on Podomatic or subscribe to us with your favorite podcasting app.

  • Educational Technology Predictions for 2016?
    • Tim – Oculus Rift – not to go to headset for schools, but VR will make a bigger push into classrooms this year.
    • Tony – Shift in a decline of Apple products and uptake of Surface like products
    • Patrick – Agrees with both Tim and Tony
  • Thinga – A kid friendly search engine
    • Link:
    • Good idea or too limiting?
    • What about alternatives like
  • How Video Games Might Actually Help Our Brains by Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan of Gizmodo

You can always listen below or download the episode HERE!″