– A review


I gotta be careful here or Preston will rip me apart like he did when I wrote about This website has a little more direction. Here is what it does. You go to the website ( and click the Go button. It will take you to a new page where you will see a word at the top. You then have 1 minute to write about that word. That’s it! Simple, focused and very pretty. It’s seems pretty simple (and it is) but there are a lot more features to learn about. Click on past the break to see great images and how you can (or should) use it in your class.

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I like writing, I mean I do write a blog after all. A bit of a hobby of mine is to fine different writing platforms such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, GoogleDocs, Zoho Writer, ShamblesPad and so on and so on. Last year someone told me about but I didn’t really pay much attention to it. Not sure why I brushed it off, but it stuck in my mind and now here I am reviewing it tonight.

So what is It is a very lightweight writing platform that lets you write with very little distractions and without making an account. You can easily share it. These are great ways to write down ideas, do some quick collaboration and more, but is it enough to use in your class? Should you take the time to find ways to implement this with your students or just move on? Read on past the break to get my take on and then leave a comment below to let me know what you think about this unique service.

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Zopler – A review

Write with me FOOL!


I saw this on Free Tech 4 Teachers and thought, yeah this looks cool, so here I am trying out Zopler. Zopler lets you create a story but wait a minute there’s a twist! Zopler let’s you create a story collaboratively. Wooooo doggie! Now we’re cooking with Crisco. I love me some wild collaboration. So is this worth your time? Is it easy and effective, what settings can you tweak? Well, read on past the break to see if Zopler may be something you want to use.

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