Episode 82 – Welcome Paulo!


The podcast is back and in good form. You can find the podcast on iTunes and Podomatic or listen to it (or even download it) right! Check out the agenda below and get ready to learn some things about ed tech.

  1. IT Babble is back!
    1. Shooting for 100 episodes soon!
  2. What have we been doing?
    1. Tony
    2. Paulo
    3. Patrick
  3. BYOD vs School provided laptops
    1. Describe each setup
    2. BYOD – Pros and Cons
    3. 1:1 – Pros and Cons
    4. Final thoughts
  4. Office 365 vs. Google Apps for Education
    1. Tony’s post
    2. Are they really that different?
      1. OK – yeah they are very different
    3. How would you like your school to be set up?
  5. What does good IT integration look like?
    1. What does a teacher do?
    2. What tech is needed in the classroom?
    3. When should teachers use tech in the clasroom
    4. How to get teachers to buy in?


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