Ideas for Expanding Web Services

Recently I looked into going with a VPS Server to expand my school’s online services. My current assignment is outside of North America, so I ran into numerous issues with the billing.

So I looked into some other options and realized that we could create what we needed using a mixture of services. The plan is to create a true media publishing platform that allows us to control versioning, backups, etc.  For that I have chosen to use the Word Press Multisite System.  However, our current hosting company limits us to the number of database TABLES we can have under one account. I found another company that limits the number of databases, but not tables. This is important because if you are running many blogs and possibly loads of plug-ins you need to have scalability.

Next was to look at media hosting. For audio and video content, a Youtube account covers almost everything for media under 15 minutes long. If we can produce enough views, we can then apply to be a Youtube partner. I believe with the size of our campus this is a reachable goal.

However, until this happens adding extra storage to a school managed Google Docs account will do the trick for larger files. Google Docs does have some limitations, and so adding an additional DropBox will round out the solution.

All together this solution is very cost effective as well. If the traffic becomes so high that the new WordPress site slows to a crawl, we can always take busy sections and turn them into their own entity. With key files and media linked in cloud-based systems, the website is truly separated from the heavy content, so making changes and expanding becomes fluid and easy to plan for.

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