Podcast Episode 14 – December 7

This episode Omar and Patrick get into that winter spirit and talk a littl ed tech too. Here’s what’s on the agenda.

  1. Tony DePrato’s post about managing eWaste (a must read people)
  2. My review about Hall.com
  3. My post about bad reasons to start ed tech blogging
  4. Omar’s journey about creating his first app for the Android and iOS marketplace
  5. GradeQuick and their deadline for a Lion plugin. Arrrrghhhhh!
  6. Winter movies I can’t show to my kids (but would love to)
  7. Educational iPhone and Android app reviews are coming back
  8. Why the delay on the Edmodo Challenger #4 – Moodle post?

Sit back, sip some egg nog by the fire and turn up the volume. Omar and Patrick are here to brighten your winter day 🙂

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